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One restraint unit is mounted to each end of the bin floor using an adapter bracket. The restraint units are actuated by a highly durable Actuator (spring loaded, air released) typically used in commercial vehicle air brake systems. The restraint’s internal components are custom fabricated and have been tested to five times the rated load. The restraint unit's moving components are lubricated during assembly for maintenance-free operation throughout its life. Each unit is tested to 150% of its rated load after assembly.


The suspension cables are independently mounted to the frame of the sorter using custom-made anchor brackets. The cables are ¾” diameter 6x26 WS with a minimum breaking strength of 58,800 lbs (5.8 times the rated load). This steel core wire rope features a compact construction and therefore has a high resistance to crushing and excellent fatigue resistance.


Each air header is specially designed and fabricated to suit the number of bins and bin spacing in order to supply compressed air to all of the restraint units. The air header is typically mounted near the top of the sorter on the lumber line side to allow easy access to the individual lockout valves.


Each system is equipped with a regulator, a pressure switch, and a main lockout valve. The regulator ensures that the maximum air pressure for the system does not exceed 80 psi. The pressure switch will prevent the startup of the sorter drive if the air valve is locked or left in the off position or in the case that the pressure drops below the operating threshold. The main lockout valve, when placed in the “OFF” position, will bleed off all the air in the system and engage all restraint units.
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